This is an ASP component / COM object which enables a script to edit or create multi-frame (animated) GIF images.

This component gives a script or other application the ability to edit or create GIF images containing multiple frames. A comprehensive range of functions allow GIF files to be read, either as complete files or as single frames. These source files can come from disk, a binary variable such as exported by a database or our csASPUpload component, or a remote URL. Frames can be reordered, resized, cropped or rotated. Text can be added in any installed font. Simple shapes and fills can be drawn. Frame properties such as the time delay can also be extracted or modified.

Frames can also be read from or exported to our csImageFile component.

The individual colour tables of the GIF can be read or modified or copied between frames. There are optimisation functions for combining local colour tables to a single global colour table and to crop frames and adjust transparency to reduce the file size of an animation.

For more details of the functionality and a brief introduction to the GIF format, read the Online Manual.

The component is supplied as two DLL files. One is for 32 bit systems and the other for 64 bit.

Some examples of using csASPGif:


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