This is an ASP component which allows the control of file downloads from a script (classic ASP).

This component is useful when individual files on the server must be password protected, or downloads controlled in some other way. Files that are in directories which are not web shared can be downloaded.

The download is controlled from an ASP script so code can be executed before and after sending the file to the browser. This allows for verification of passwords, and logging of data afterwards. It is possible to check whether the file was completely downloaded or cancelled before completion.

An access code generation function is included to be able to generate an access code "on the fly", and then verify it later.

Some useful file utilities are included for ease of use, including a single command to append a line to a text file. There is also a command for taking a file from a remote server, and either saving it or streaming it to the browser. Read the online manual for full details.

There are some limitations to be aware of. There can be inconsistencies between browsers that receive the download and it is not always possible to specify the browser behaviour from a server side script. See our online demo for more details on this. A file downloaded in this way cannot be split using a download acceleration tool and a broken download cannot be resumed.

csFileDownload can be used with large downloads without placing too many demands on server memory.

The component is supplied as two DLL files. One is for 32 bit systems and the other for 64 bit.

We have another component with the same functionality as csFileDownload which can also create zip files from files on the server. Click Here for details.


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