csASPZipFile - ASP File Zipping Component

ASP zip component which enables a script to create and stream archive files in zip format. It also has some functionality for reading and extracting files from zip archives (unzipping).

This component gives an ASP or other script the ability to build a zip file from files on the server. The resulting archive can be saved on the server or streamed directly to the browser. There is support for creating spanned archives so large files can be split into smaller parts for downloading.

There is also functionality for reading and unzipping files from a zip archive. We must stress that not all compression types are supported, but most available zip archives are readable. Files can be read from disk, remote URL or variant array and they can be extracted to disk or to variant array for streaming or saving into a database.

Additional functions allow for the controlled download of binary files from the server. This is the same functionality as in our csFileDownload component. Files which are not web shared can be downloaded and user verification and logging can be performed by the script before and after the download.

Files can be retrieved from a remote web server using the HTTP functions. These files can be streamed to the browser or saved to disk on the server.

There are also some useful file utilities and an access code generator. Read the Online Manual for a full description of the component properties and methods.

This component is a COM object and can be used in most Windows development environments that support COM and ActiveX. It must be registered on the server before it can run. If it is to be used in ASP.NET, we recommend creating an Interop Assembly so it can use early binding for more efficiency. Some of the streaming functions are restricted to classic ASP but much of the functionality can be used in different environments. The instruction manual describes use in Cold Fusion and ASP.NET as well as ASP.

The component is supplied as two DLL files. One is for 32 bit systems and the other for 64 bit.

csASPZipFile can be used with VBScript and WSH scripts which means it can be used within an automated scheduled task. It can be used alongside our csFTPQuick component to compress and copy files to another server as part of a backup.


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