csFTPQuick - ASP FTP Component

This is an ASP component / COM object which enables a script to connect to a remote FTP server and upload or download files.

This component allows a script to connect to a remote FTP server to transfer files. When run on a server with ASP it can be used to automate the transfer of files in either direction. It contains two classes, and the first is simple to use requiring the connection properties of HostName, UserName and Password to be set to connect to the FTP server. Then either a single file is specified, or a list of files or a folder, and a method is called to initiate the transfer. For many automated FTP processes this is sufficient.

The second class encapsulates the FTP protocol allowing folders to be created and deleted and for files to be renamed and deleted. Files and folders can be listed. Files can be uploaded or downloaded either to disk or as binary variables (variant arrays).

We describe csFTPQuick as an ASP Component, but it is a COM object and can be used in a variety of Windows scripting and programming environments.

For full details of how to use the component, read the Online Manual.

csFTPQuick can be used with VBScript and WSH scripts which means it can be used within an automated scheduled task. It can be used for backing up selected files and even used with our csASPZipFile component to compress and copy files to another server as part of a backup.

This component must be registered on the server before it can be used. It is available as a 32 bit or 64 bit component. If it is to be used in ASP.NET, we recommend creating an Interop Assembly so it can use early binding for more efficiency.

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