C# Demo of Multipage TIFF Processing with csXImage

To run this demo you need the csXImage trial ocx control installed on your system as well as MS Visual Studio.NET. The trial control and the example files are available below:

Download the trial csXImage control - csXImageTrial.exe (3.6 MB)

The demo C# project - MultiTIFFDemoCSharp.zip (193 KB)

Description and listing of the project.

The ActiveX control csXImage includes a comprehensive set of functions for reading and creating multi-page TIFF files. This demo shows some of the key features used in a C# application.

This application consists of a single form containing an instance of csXImage and some command buttons.

The csXImage control is used either to load a multi-page TIFF file from disk or scan multiple pages from a scanner with document feeder (ADF). Some simple edits can be carried out on the pages including rotating, cropping or despeckling before saving the file.

The page includes several buttons which are enabled or disabled as appropriate. Initially only the 'Scan Pages' and 'Open File' buttons are available. 'Scan Pages' will use the TWAIN scanning functions in csXImage to acquire several pages from a scanner with document feeder. 'Open File' will allow the user to browse for a file to open from disk.

The images read from file or acquired from the scanner are stored in an array 'Pages' of type Object (.NET) using the WriteBinary command. The Prev and Next buttons step through the images, displaying one at a time.

The images can be saved to disk as a multi-page TIFF file at any time using the 'Save File' button. Although not shown in this demo, csXImage also includes equivalent functions for saving multi-page PDF files.

The remaining buttons allow the currently displayed page to be edited. These edit functions are just a small selection of the many functions available in csXImage.


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