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At Chestysoft we offer a range of ASP components as well as ActiveX / OCX controls. All our components have free trial versions available for evaluation and are supplied in both 32 bit and 64 bit format. See below for a summary of each product and a link to full details, trial downloads and online purchase pages.

Quick Links

Sitemap - Jump straight to any page in the site if you know what you are looking for.

Component Registration - Some more details and a downloadable utility to make the process easier.

Creating a COM+ Application - An ASP component can be added to a COM+ Application in Component Services for better control of permissions or to allow a 32 bit component to run on a 64 bit website.

Displaying ASP error mesages - How to configure IIS to show detailed ASP error messages.

ASP Components

These are components specifically designed for server side use in Active Server Pages (often called Classic ASP to distinguish between the later .NET variation). They can also be described as COM objects. These components are supplied as DLL files, which must be registered on the server.

csImageFile is a powerful image editing component which can resize and edit a variety of file formats.

csImageLite is a cut-down image editing component, available at a lower price than csImageFile.

csASPUpload is a component for saving HTTP uploads sent through the browser.

csDrawGraph is a component for producing simple bar charts, pie charts and line graphs in an image format.

csASPZipFile is a component that can dynamically zip files for streaming from a website.

csFTPQuick allows files to be sent from your server to another server by FTP.

csFileDownload is a component that makes streaming a file download easier.

csASPGIF is an image editing component specifically for animated GIFs.

As COM objects, these components can be used in a surprisingly wide range of programming and scripting environments beyond their original target of Active Server Pages. We have descriptions and code fragments of some of these applications, if you explore the website further.

ActiveX / OCX Controls

ActiveX controls are another variation of components that can be used in Windows programming environments. They are sometimes called OCX controls, after their file extension. They have are visual and can be used in applications with a user interface and are licensed to be used in distributed applications. They can be used in Microsoft Internet Explorer, running with Javascript.

csXImage is an image editing control that has support for interfacing with TWAIN scanners.

csXGraph is a control for plotting and displaying simple bar charts, pie charts and line graphs.

About Us

Chestysoft is based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Since 2001 we have been producing a range of commercial ASP components and ActiveX controls, including the popular components csImageFile, csDrawGraph and csXImage. We are increasingly providing small, bespoke software solutions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of our products, including technical assistance, please email us: info@chestysoft.com

Please ensure that your mail server/client/filter can receive incoming mail from us. Our Facebook page can provide an alternative contact point, if email is failing.

More Links

Why ASP? - What is ASP and why is it still being used?

ASP Examples for csImageFile.

Visual Basic 6 examples for csXImage.

Scanner Troubleshooting - Some possible causes and solutions of problems with scanners in applications using csXImage.

Software Development / Debugging

We can offer bespoke software development.

This includes writing VBA macros for Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Word.

Also, we can provide debugging and minor alterations to existing ASP applications.

More details...

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